Posimat box dumper

POSIMAT BOX DUMPER is meant for cardboard or plastic boxes, gaylords and octabins (octagonal boxes) that are placed on pallets. These boxes and octabins contain plastic bottles.

POSIMAT BOX DUMPER is a semiautomatic machine to dump the plastic bottles into the hopper which in turn feeds the unscrambler in an easy and reliable way.

The operator opens the box to be emptied and removes the inner plastic bag if there is any.

When the box is in the POSIMAT BOX DUMPER, by pressing the start button, the box is lifted and tilted , dumping its content in the hopper. Once empty, the box goes back to the loading position , the operator removes it and loads a new full box.

The POSIMAT BOX DUMPER includes a safety enclosure.

The POSIMAT BOX DUMPER is a very compact element that allows for an easy handling and a low maintenance. It makes the work easy for the operator since he can handle the boxes and octabins in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner with the advantage of time saving .