Posimat Silos unique advantages

ventajas-silos Posimat Silos unique advantagesThe lower part of the silos wall has some flaps (ramps) attached to it that move up and down, using pneumatic cylinders that shake the bottles in a rhythmic and controlled way via PLC. This action prevents the formation of bottle bridges in the silo, allowing the bottles to fall or preventing them from falling, according to the demand of the filling line.Click to play

Revolutionary vertical cascading exit

free falling bottles just by gravity

FIFO System (First In First Out); the first bottles that enter into the POSISILO silo will be the first ones that will come out to the line.

Lower belt bottle collection
Allow the bottles to travel freely , without pressure, since they do not support the weight of the bottles in the silo (as it happens in the traditional silo systems)

Therefore, bottles do not get damaged , even if they are very light.


flexibilidad-silos The special POSISILO discharge system allows to create separate compartments and store different bottle types. The blow moulders can feed a type of bottle to the silo while the silo feeds another type of bottle to the line.

They are made in different versions
Stainless steel exit ramps + stainless steel walls

Stainless steel exit ramps + polyethylene walls

Polyethylene exit ramps + polyethylene walls
  • Ultra clean (Optional)

  • Pressurization with any type of air filter (Optional)

  • Refrigeration (Optional)

Built-in silos on top of a POSIMAT Unscrambler