Posimat Unscramblers unique advantages

master-20-posicionadores Posimat plastic bottle Unscramblers unique advantages
Operational simplicity and low maintenance thanks to the lack of moving elements or parts subject to wear such as: chains, belts, ramps, lifts...There are only two rotating partsClick to play

All sort of bottles
Light or heavy, cylindrical, oval or asymmetric, with short necks or even without a neck, flat elements like lids or cream jars, with or without a label, with or without decoration , with or without a sleeve, etc.
Versatility: Bottles of different shapes and sizes can be unscrambled in the same machine

Three types of changeover
plastic-bottle-unscramblerSelecting pieces and funnels manual changeover cambio4Automatic POSIFLEX-A

punt_3_2_1_granPOSIFLEX-M changeover by adjustment of selecting pieces and funnels

Wide range of machine models
  • Wide range of machine models so as to meet the needs of low volume bottling companies and able to reach speeds up to 80.000 bottles per hour.

  • Machine models to place and orient bottles into “pucks”.

  • Automatic rejection of most of the defective bottles that enter the ACCESS unscrambler models with the consequent reduction of the stoppages in the production line.

  • Continuous process monitoring through big windows and several access doors (ACCESS model with stainless steel enclosure upon request)

  • Special machine models for particular specifications: automatic cleaning by using C.I.P. system, explosion proof machine executions, etc.

asistencia-mundial sin-supervision manejo-suave
Worldwide technical
assistance given by
Posimat technicians
or trained local
No need of direct supervision A gentle treatment for the most delicate bottles